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Technical manager

Remuneration:RMB 10,000—15,000 Yuan/month

Description of working post:

Working responsibilities:

1. According to the company business and management objectives and tasks, make an integrated arrangement of the department work and formulate the working plan; organize technical strength to settle process technical problems and technical management problems.
2. Know about the working condition and related data of technical department in a timely manner; make working arrangement.
3. Formulate the post responsibilities for department staffs; examine and evaluate the working performance and raise reward and punishment opinions according to the actual conditions.
4. Formulate, supervise and instruct the technical management system; instruct, treat, coordinate and settle production technical problems in a timely manner; assure normal production.
5. According to the plan, formulate technical documents in each product stage, including documents, data, process code and materials code.
6. Formulate the trial fabrication plan of new products and general table of process route; audit and track the new product development project.
7. Formulate the supporting technical agreement and test catalog of raw materials and product components.
8. Manage the consumption quota of products and materials.
9. Adopt numerous methods to accumulate the quality defect analytic documents in the product trial fabrication and process audit; launch out PFMEA work; establish perfect proofing documents.
10. Settle the user’s reflected technical problems in a timely manner.
11. Undertake problems of product safety control.
12. Control and organize changes in the product process.
13. Participate in the audit of suppliers and analysis of after-sales invalid components.
14. Manage the protection and monitor of the intellectual property rights related to the company trademark, product patent technology.
15. Participate in the technical negotiation and external technical exchange.
16. Educate the department staffs and instruct them to follow the company regulations and systems.
17. Organize training to the frontier operators in the respect of products, processes and technologies.
18. Fulfill other working tasks assigned by the competent personnel in a positive and active manner.
Incumbency qualifications:
1. Undergraduate or above undergraduate diploma; above 5 years of working experience in the same industry; above 3 years of management experience.
2. Good English/German spoken exchange ability.
3. Good application ability of Auto CAD 2D software.
4. Skillful application and analysis ability of Pro-E, UG 3D software.
5. Good application and analysis ability of streaming result.
6. Rather good professional knowledge in stamping, casting and machinery processing.
7. Good communication and analysis ability.
8. Good teamwork leadership and organization ability.

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