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• Stamping and casting equipment
The company is possessed of 100t, 280t, 500t, 550t, 630t, 800t and 1250t automatic stamping and casting equipment; the equipment brands include Yubu, Yizhimi, Lijin and Sanji; besides, LSM-2000 swift concentrated melting furnace, CRL-500-12 resistance type aluminum fluid heat insulating furnace, automatic nitrogen painting machine, XC210 aluminum fluid rotational degassing machine and automatic robot streamline are collocated to realize automatic production from materials delivery to billet casting and edge cutting, maintain a stable product quality and meet the user’s actual demand.


Stamping and casting production site

• Metal processing equipment
Currently, the company is possessed of the following mechanical processing equipment: GROB GA350 processing center, LGMazak Nexus vertical processing center, German DMC60H horizontal processing center, Korean Daewoo HC400 horizontal processing center, USA Haas EC500 horizontal processing center, SABRE vertical processing center, USA Haas VF-3SS vertical processing center, LG Little Giant VTC-160A/ZPC vertical processing center, German DMC635V vertical processing center, Taiwan Jijia MVL1166 vertical processing center, large-scale ultrasonic cleaning machine, immersion and seepage machine and above 100 universal equipment.

Metal processing and production site

GROB GA350 metal processing lathe

OP30 metal processing lathe

Cleaning and metal processing equipment

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